No Carbs?

We’ve all heard it before, those incessant arguments over “evil carbs” which fill our social media news feeds and manifest themselves into transformative diets. Try going without any carbs for thirty days, the diets advertise. They portray skinny bodies and healthy lifestyles as the ultimate goal in life. Well I tried it; in fact, i tried it for more than 30 days. I went without carbs for more than six months. And I am no nutritionist, no dietician or doctor, but I am here to tell you now that if you want a slice of pizza, have a slice. If that fresh bread the waiter has set down in front of you looks appetizing, by all means have a piece.

I believe that my eating disorder took root in this mantra that has been slowly taking hold of society. The one that claims “carbs will make you fat” with no science or intellectual facts to support the crazy statement. Yet I wholeheartedly believed it. I cut out my favorite foods: fresh baked bread, pasta, sandwiches, pizza. I turned to salads, apples, lettuce wrapped sandwiches. I simply claimed that I did not care for those foods anymore; I didn’t like them anymore! Well that was a load of bullshit.

And you know what? It was not a fun way to live. Every morning I woke up early to pack my carefully made salad and apple. By no means was that a sufficient enough lunch to fuel me through an entire school day. I came home hungry and fatigued.

It started with no carbs. That was the push that shoved me into a world of restriction and excessive exercise. That is why I am writing this. Because no man or women should have to be pushed to the point of starvation. Yet it happens all the time. It is a disease that is so prevalent but rarely acknowledged. In this ever changing society, we are bombarded with advertisements, tv shows, movies, and pictures that all boast new diets, new eating fads, skinny and fit models. We, as impressionable teenagers and young adults, are so susceptible to these messages.

I watched that advertisement on the no carb diet and believed every word that came out of the mouth of that skinny, thirty year old women who claimed “i lost twenty pounds in one month.” It starts with one small push. One tiny little shove, whether it be from the media, a friend, family member or even yourself. And it’s a slippery slope to hike back up.

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