First day of residential treatment

I was admitted into residential treatment for my eating disorder as of Friday and have been here for a total of two days.  I am finding the transition a rather tumultuous one, but that was to be expected. My first day was an absolute blur as I found going from university and my sorority to the residential program was a huge transition.  Leaving my parents as they dropped me off was also harder than I could have imagined.  I went from freedom and independence to constant monitoring and double checking.

I think I had it in my mind that going into treatment would mean miraculous recovery, but what I am slowly realizing is that treatment still takes a lot of work.  It is still up to me whether I will eat or not, and eating determines whether I will leave or not. I can choose to refuse my meals or to ignore the boost but that will only prolong my stay and further deter my return to the UW.

I am slowly learning to set small goals for myself, and hope that with these in mind I will begin to progress.  I am trying to make sure I achieve 100% completion on at least two of my meals per day, as well as finish all of my snacks.  However, sometimes, when I come face to face with a full meal, my bravery and strength falters. I am also trying not to punish myself for my failure, and understand that recovery will take time above all else.

But what I have found most beneficial since arriving here has been the people.  The other residents are the most supportive that I could have asked for and we mutually cheer each other on.  We are all struggling against a common enemy which is a strong force that unites us.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to forge my own recovery path, and with each day I know I am gaining strength and bravery.  Each day I will fight battles against my food and break through boundaries. With the help of my family and my friends, I truly believe that there is an end to this disease in sight.

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Hi Georgia! We are SO PROUD of you! This has not been a an easy transition for you but as life has it, not many tranisitions are EASY! We all LOVE you and support you in everything you do and also thanks for sharing your life!
Love Always Lisa and Rayner!!!


I’m sure your parents love you so much!!! They want you to live and share your own magic with the world!!😉

My daughter needs to also go to a residential treatment facility. So, it made me happy to hear you say you feel you are in a good place. I want that for my girl too!!!

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