Radical Acceptance.

When I first learned the skill radical acceptance I decided the technique was not for me.  To radically accept my mind, heart, and body seemed near impossible, especially the latter.  As my body changed with each week in residential I would try harder and harder to come to terms with the restoration and accept myself for the body I was given.  However, as the days went by it continued to be hard and I continued to struggle.

Radical acceptance builds on the idea that rejecting reality does not change reality.  Thus, we must love ourselves for who we are and celebrate the body we were given rather than ruminate over the body we desire.

I recently realized that continuously trying to change my reality (my body) is like swimming against a rather strong current.  Ultimately, my energy stores get depleted and I am left exhausted and physically worn out.  Sure my body has changed, but that change has come at a huge cost due to the incessant battle waged against my natural physique.

So, I am attempting to accept the facts and face my own personal reality, and I encourage you to do the same:

  • I was not born with a thigh gap.  It is not natural for me.  However, the legs I was given allow my to run, hike, and dance
  • I do not have a perfectly flat and toned stomach but with a weight restored body I can develop muscle and strength.
  • My body was not made to endure hours of exercise.  It was made to move intuitively and exercise with the goal of mental and physical well being rather than body alteration.
  • My body, your body, our bodies require nourishment.  Constant nourishment.  There is no way around this.


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