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Mornings are by far my favorite time of the day.  I love waking up before everyone else and enjoying a cup of coffee in the silence of a new day.  The morning is when I leave time for myself to actually sit down and rest. It is the time when my head is the clearest and I am able to plan for the coming day.  The morning is always an opportune time for me to get my schoolwork done and finish all my studying. Those who know me know that by the time seven PM rolls around I am getting ready for bed and am already winding down.

Because I know that mornings are the best time for me, I have been trying to use this time to my advantage.  Recently I have been adjusting my morning routine to better align with my recovery goals. I have found that starting the day off on the right foot has made all the difference in keeping my day recovery focused.

Regardless of what has happened the day prior, I try to start fresh the next day and that begins with something I used to fear: breakfast.  Now, it is no longer a cup of black coffee that I enjoy in the morning but also a breakfast to go along with it. I have integrated this meal into my morning routine, so the idea is no longer so intimidating and daunting.  Granted, it remains a meal that holds power over me, as the idea of skipping it and going along with my day is quite tempting. However, with the help of my parents I have found I can manage it.

And the craziest thing has happened, breakfast is starting to become my new normal.  Starting my day off each morning with the meal has normalized it slightly, so that by the time I start college I hope that it will become something near second nature.  The more I repeat this ritualistic routine the more it becomes ingrained in my life and with each passing morning the task grows just a little bit easier. I think that breakfast might become the first meal that I can sit back and truly enjoy.  I am waiting for the day when I will wake up and make my meal without the voices popping up in my head. I will choose my authentic preference which could very well range from day to day and morning to morning. But for now, I will relish in the huge progress that I have made thus far.


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