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Dear Calories,

A letter to thank calories for all that they do rather than continue to condemn and fear them.

Recently, I have been doing so much better with fueling my body.  Granted, I have my ups and downs but overall my new mantra is to listen to my body, and respond to its signals.  However, I find myself still often checking calorie contents, and choosing foods based on this rather than personal preference.  A few days ago, I was in the grocery store trying to choose a pack of granola bars when I started really thinking about calories as almost a separate entity entirely.  Why do I fret so much about the granola bar that is only 30 calories higher? Why does that make me so nervous? If you think about it, calories are just trying to give you the energy you need to sustain you through your day.  It’s almost sad how they are victimized, and made out to be the enemy. So here, I have a letter to “Calories” to try and mend our mangled relationship.

Dear Calories,

Thank you so much for giving me the energy I need to get through the day, and to be the best version of myself.  I am so sorry that I made you the enemy for so long, and tried to minimize you. I will admit that there are times when I still do this – but I am really trying to find the value in you.  Because truthfully, you have made me feel so much better these past couple of months. Though I fought you at first, now I am grateful for your support. I truly couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you for fueling my brain and allowing me to think properly and focus intently.  I now see that you are an absolute necessity to reaching my full intellectual capacity.  Thank you for giving me the energy to spend time with the people that I love. You have made me me again, and I have to express my gratitude to you for that.  Thank you for giving me back my life, I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.

I hope we can maintain this good relationship, I hope that I will always regard you as friend rather than foe (or try to as best I can).  All I know is, I am not planning on leaving you anytime soon. There are truly no substitutes for you – trust me, I tried.

With as much love as I can muster,


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